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    Pest Control in Bishops Stortford

Pest Control in Bishops Stortford

A J Pest Control, Professional Services for Pest Control in Bishops Stortford

A J Pest Control offers Bishops Stortford exemplary and tailored pest control services for commercial, domestic and agricultural pest problems. Our pest control technicians have years of senior technician experience, certified by the National Pest Technician Association, perfectly adept at tackling bed bugs, wasp nest removal, bird control, fumigation, extermination and provide in-depth knowledge on how to get rid of mice and rats. We wholly understand the need for the discrete treatment of pest problems, so our services for pest control in Bishops Stortford offer a professional, efficient and low profile service to domestic and commercial customers in Bishops Stortford.

How to Get Rid of Rats, Mice, Bed Bugs and Other Pests

Here at A J pest control, we pride ourselves on being able to remove and prevent the return of all sorts of pests in and around Bishops Stortford.

Bed bugs can infest your Bishops Stortford homes and workplaces and the embarrassment of having an infestation of either can be very traumatic. As for rats and mice, although domestic ones can be kept as pets, wild mice can carry ticks and fleas; and wild rats carry diseases and infections that can be passed to humans. Wasp nest removal and bee removal is a common pest control service that we offer in Bishops Stortford as is bird control. Although having birds in your garden is often enjoyable, there are some birds that can become pests primarily due to the damage they can cause to property and their droppings they leave behind. A J Pest Control's treatment of woodworm also helps prevent structural issues in your Bishops Stortford property.

Bee Swarms & Bee Removal in Bishops Stortford

Honey bee swarms occur in both towns and the Bishops Stortford countryside when bees are looking for a home new due to overcrowding, lack of food or water or persistent disturbance by humans or animals. Bee swarms do not always require bee removal and aren't aggressive. However, bee swarms can be a health risk to those with allergies. While they normally establish hives in shrubs or tree cavities, bee swarms can also set up their new hives within voids in buildings including chimneys and can risk damage to Bishops Stortford properties. This is when professional bee pest control or bee removal is required.

Honey bees and their bee swarms are critical for pollinating approximately 90% of our global crops and therefore crucial to our survival. AJ Pest Control are very mindful when it comes to dealing with bee swarms and bee pest control in Bishops Stortford. There are legal requirements and rigorous procedures to follow when treating bees and bee swarms. AJ Pest Control work very closely with professional beekeepers in Bishops Stortford and consider all options before any treatment or bee removal is carried out.

Wasp Nest Removal in Bishops Stortford

Wasps create their nests in sheltered spots in the Bishops Stortford countryside such as disused mouse holes, hollow trees, garages or sheds. Detecting wasp nests in your Bishops Stortford property can be difficult as they can build their home in inaccessible wall cavities or loft eaves. Swarming wasps too near you and your home can be unsettling for your family. Wasps near your Bishops Stortford business can be unattractive to customers and are a potential public safety hazard. You have a duty to protect your staff and customers and so wasp nest removal may be the answer. Disturbed nests can be aggressive and wasp nest removal should only be carried out by an experienced professional such as AJ Pest Control.

Although they can be a nuisance, wasps can be beneficial as they feed their young with caterpillars and other insects that may be pests in Bishops Stortford gardens. Wasp treatment and wasp nest removal should only be carried out if they pose a threat to public health and safety. Dealing with a wasp nest removal can be an unsettling or distressing experience but AJ Pest Control is fully equipped and experienced to handle the situation across Bishops Stortford. We will ensure that your wasp nest removal, or nests, are dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Bird Control in Bishops Stortford

Bird proofing solar panels, roofs, windows and other areas of your property is a way to deter birds and an effective preventative measure for bird control. Birds can become a serious nuisance and AJ Pest & Bird Control carry out a lot of bird proofing to Bishops Stortford homes and business premises including bird proofing solar panels, roofs, gutters, ledges and windows. Our technicians inspect your property and provide a plan to clean, sanitise and proof the area leaving it clean, safe and reducing the risk of the spread of disease as well as physical damage to your Bishops Stortford property.

When dealing with pest birds, bird control legislation and UK law must be followed. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 states that all wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected. AJ Pest & Bird Control will inspect these situations for you and are authorised to carry out bird control measures if necessary. Certified by the National Pest Technician Association (NPTA), our Bishops Stortford technicians use their expertise to install systems such as nets, bird spikes or wire systems to prevent birds from perching, fouling and nesting on windows, ledges, gutters, roofs of your Bishops Stortford property and as an effective means of bird proofing solar panels.

Woodworm Treatment in Bishops Stortford

Wood boring beetles tunnel into timbers, floorboards, furniture, joists, woodwork and wooden tools, laying their eggs in cracks and can require woodworm treatment. Their larvae hatch and burrow into the woodwork of your Bishops Stortford property which results in the need for woodworm treatment. This is because the tunnels and holes in the timber cause cosmetic damage and weaken structural load-bearing timbers that could give way resulting in injuries.

Our experienced surveyors carry out a detailed inspection of your Bishops Stortford home or property to determine the degree of woodworm and recommend the most suitable course of woodworm treatment. No people or pets should be in the rooms of the Bishops Stortford property during treatment and for a few hours after, but the woodworm treatment is odourless when dry and only one course of treatment is required. AJ Pest Control's woodworm treatment is very effective and carries a thirty year guarantee. The woodworm treatment remains in the layers of the wood and holes to prevent further infestations of your Bishops Stortford property, any eggs and emerging adult beetles will die, breaking the woodworm life cycle.

Pest Control for Ants in Bishops Stortford

Having no trouble finding a nesting spot in Bishops Stortford properties, pest control for ants can require a professional. Ants prefer humid, dark places to build their nests such as cracks in walls, under floors and under foundations, they build complicated nests, usually outdoors, where they store food and ant larvae develop. However, these nests can be built inside and can require pest control for ants in Bishops Stortford. Attracted to open food sources, ants typically look for sugar, starches, meats, fats and pet food. They don't go after sealed goods, they eat left out or spilt food or carcasses of other insects. 

Ants can damage electric cables or wires of appliances, which on occasion can result in phone and computer networks damage, powercuts or cause fire but professional pest control for ants in Bishops Stortford can eliminate these risks. Numerous occurrences of ant infestations in your Bishops Stortford property requires professional pest control for ants. If ants continue to return, even after multiple home treatments, get in touch with AJ Pest Control. As licensed professionals, we can investigate the issue and recommend the best form of treatment for pest control for ants in Bishops Stortford. We will also provide advice for preventing ant infestations and the need for professional pest control for ants in the future. 

Mice Pest Control in Bishops Stortford

Mice have been known to spread diseases, such as salmonella and listeria, to humans through their droppings, urine and bedding and an infestation can require mice pest control in Bishops Stortford to prevent these health hazards. Proofing Bishops Stortford properties from mice can be difficult as they gain access through gaps as small as 1cm where they look for food and somewhere to build their nests. Without adequate mice pest control, they can then go on to gnaw packaging, woodwork, electric cables, water and gas pipes put your Bishops Stortford property at risk of structural damage, electrical fires and floods. However, regular maintenance of properties and bringing in professional mice pest control in Bishops Stortford when required can keep them at bay. 

Mice pose health risks to customers and staff of Bishops Stortford businesses. Not only transmitting foodborne illness such as salmonella but also risk triggering allergies of workers and clients and incase of infestation, professional mice pest control is required. Bishops Stortford business owners who don’t have adequate mice pest control management procedures in place may be issued enforcement notices by Environmental Health Officers or General Enforcement Officers. If not adhered to, this can lead to fines and even a criminal record. Therefore, mice pest control, prevention and rapid removal in case of an infestation is always key.

Rat Pest Control in Bishops Stortford

Rats can create health risks as they carry many diseases that can spread to humans and damage Bishops Stortford homes and businesses as they are capable of chewing through concrete, brick and even ½-inch thick sheet metal. This can cause damage to properties, including structural damage, floods from gnawed pipes and electrical fires from chewed wires. Business owners also have a legal obligation under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 to keep their premises free from rodents; a rat problem can significantly impact a Bishops Stortford company's reputation, is not good for business and professional rat pest control in Bishops Stortford will be required.

Prevent the need for rat pest control in Bishops Stortford by keeping outdoor areas tidy (to prevent nesting sites), cover any food sources such as compost heaps and bins, and seal any gaps to your property such as those under sheds or around pipes. Taking on rat pest control yourself can be a real struggle for anyone untrained. Rat pest control in Bishops Stortford is ideally carried out by a professional like AJ Pest Control as we are fully trained to identify the type of pests as well as prevent future infestations and issues. Fully qualified by the NPTA (the National Pest Technicians Association) Our technicians are trained, qualified and hold all the correct insurances to carry out any rat pest control in your Bishops Stortford home or business.

Squirrel Pest Control in Bishops Stortford

Gnawing squirrels risk damage to your Bishops Stortford property, become aggressive if you try to remove them and require professional squirrel pest control. Squirrel pest control professionals can provide the best advice for discouraging squirrels from your Bishops Stortford home or business, but their are few things you can consider. Reduce access, such as trimming back any tree branches that hang near your Bishops Stortford property and moving other forms of bridges such as washing lines or cables if possible. Seal or fill any gaps into your Bishops Stortford property, since squirrels are able to fit through holes as small as just 2 inches wide.

You can also deter them and prevent the need for squirrel pest control by replacing accessible food around your Bishops Stortford property such as bird seeds with squirrel proof bird feeders, or even devices such as motion-activated lights, noise or ultrasonic sound. Bear in mind that these methods could affect your pets, so discuss your options with squirrel pest control professionals in this case. 

Before attempting to deal with squirrel pest control yourself, get in touch with a professional because there are laws surrounding their treatment. Red squirrels are a protected species and it is illegal to destroy or damage their shelter, which may reside in your Bishops Stortford property. Grey squirrels can be trapped if necessary, but it's illegal to release them back into the wild and will need to be humanely destroyed.

Bishops Stortford Flea Pest Control

Once fleas have taken hold of your pets and household soft furnishings, it’s very difficult to get rid of them and their eggs without specialist flea pest control treatment since they're able to live for months in Bishops Stortford homes and business premises without food. Even though a Bishops Stortford home or business that isn’t cleaned or vacuumed might be more likely to provide a better environment for fleas to thrive, it can be a common misconception that fleas are associated with dirty environments. Clean environments can also require professional flea pest control in Bishops Stortford as they'll search for a warm-blooded host anywhere. 

Although, they don't necessarily pose a direct health risk, flea bites may cause intense itching and to both humans and pets, discomfort, skin complaints, allergic reactions, can give your cat or dog tapeworms and other diseases and in rare cases cause anemia in your pets. One of the first signs that you need flea pest control could be that pets are constantly scratching, licking or biting themselves or spotting flea droppings in their coat. Bites on members of your household, usually around legs and ankles, on your arms and spotting them jumping on soft furnishings will also be a sign of needing flea pest control in Bishops Stortford. 

A female flea can produce more than 25 eggs a day once on a host, these eggs can develop into an adult flea in only 14 days, allowing them to spread quickly and the need for professional flea pest control in Bishops Stortford more likely. In the UK, fleas are more common during summer time as their optimum temperatures are between 21-29⁰C. However, prevention is better than cure, treat your pets for fleas regularly and only give your pet treatments that have been recommended for them by your vet in Bishops Stortford.

Bishops Stortford Rabbit Pest Control

On both domestic and agricultural Bishops Stortford land, rabbits can cause damage to erosion-prone soil, compete with native fauna for food and habitat and livestock for pasture, as well as decimate acres of crops such as maize, barley and wheat due to their substantial breeding rate. As part of Section One of the Pests Act 1954, every Bishops Stortford land owner is responsible for controlling wild rabbits on their land either by themselves, by hiring rabbit pest control professionals or have an ongoing obligation for taking steps to prevent rabbits from causing damage to nearby crops by putting up fencing for example. Some wildlife habitats and species can depend on rabbit grazing, so wildlife interests should also be considered when deciding on the type of fencing used in order to carry out rabbit pest control in Bishops Stortford.

Other ways to prevent the need for rabbit pest control include making your land or garden in Bishops Stortford less inviting, managing areas that provide cover from predators such as tall grasses, low-growing shrubs, in brush piles as well as blocking access points under sheds and porches. On your land in Bishops Stortford, collars around the trunk of young trees to can also help prevent damage from rabbits as does adding a fence around any vegetable gardens. Other options include the use of scare tactics to prevent rabbits coming onto your Bishops Stortford land and the eventual need for rabbit pest control, including scarecrows, owls and snakes, aluminium pie pans as well as ultrasonic devices - although these tactics and their effectiveness as a rabbit pest control prevention will wear off at some point as rabbits get used to them.

Cockroach Pest Control in Bishops Stortford

Cockroaches look for food and water, moving from drains and sewers into Bishops Stortford homes and buildings where they contaminate anything they come into contact with including food, utensils, and preparation surfaces, leaving faeces along the way and can cause food poisoning posing a direct health risk to humans. Even though all Bishops Stortford businesses are in danger from cockroaches, companies that are highly regulated and handle food and drink might face an increased risk from exposure to cockroaches. Bishops Stortford businesses found to have a cockroach pest control problem could also face fines, with repeat issues at risk of facing legal action. Environmental Health Officers can issue enforcement notices to company owners for businesses in Bishops Stortford that don't have sufficient cockroach pest control management procedures in place.

Cockroaches will be usually be found in inaccessible, dark and sheltered spaces, close to water and food, they cannot survive for more than a few days without water but can survive for several months without food and feed on almost anything, including faecal matter, rubbish and even other cockroaches particularly in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms of Bishops Stortford properties. Cockroaches are nocturnal so it's unlikely you'll see them during the day, however, other signs of their presence include droppings, egg cases, shed skins, damage to food and packaging and an unpleasant smell in your Bishops Stortford property.

Infestations will usually require professional cockroach pest control because they are hard-wired to survive since they're adaptable, highly mobile, breed quickly and can become resistant to pesticides making cockroach pest control a difficult task for an untrained property owner in Bishops Stortford. However, preventing the need for professional cockroach pest control can help through keeping all food preparation areas clean and tidy, not leaving liquids in such as sinks or buckets of water and repairing leaks or sealing gaps where cockroaches could enter into your Bishops Stortford home or business.

Mole Pest Control Bishops Stortford

Although often portrayed as cute and cuddly animals, the common mole can severely damage property in Bishops Stortford by burrowing under the surface of lawns and paths etc. Evidence of a mole infestation includes fresh mounds of soil - mole hills, raised ridges around holes in the earth, uneven ground, disturbed plants, crops, roots and grassy areas of Bishops Stortford land, all of which can point to the need for professional mole pest control. Even though they can aerate the soil, which can be good for growing plants and grass, mole pest control may be required for your garden as they can cause damage to mowing machines because of the stones brought to the surface. As well as the nuisance of mole hills, the ground becomes unstable with larger numbers, holes may appear and potentially damage the foundations of your Bishops Stortford property.

Professional mole pest control will be needed when the effects of mole tunnelling allows weeds to become rooted more easily and mole hills start creating very real safety risks in the form of tripping hazards for sports players, horses and riders on sports fields, race courses and golf courses in Bishops Stortford . Professional mole pest control is also required when tunnelling under the roots of crops cause the plants to either have stunted growth or to die due to soil drying out on Bishops Stortford agricultural and farm land.

Pest Control For Flies in Bishops Stortford

Knowing the type of fly that’s in or near your Bishops Stortford home or business such as the cluster fly, blue bottle, black fly and deer fly can be useful in identifying the best pest control for flies. Some flies in your home or business is no cause for concern and shouldn't need professional pest control for flies but when their numbers increase and swatting them doesn’t take care of them, you may have a fly infestation in your Bishops Stortford property.

Flies feed by vomiting saliva onto food found by flies in your Bishops Stortford home, stamping their legs up and down in it and then sucking up the resulting liquid - the bacteria from its gut can then be transmitted to humans causing everything from food poisoning to cholera. This and the prolific reproduction of these pests is why professional pest control for flies is often required for your Bishops Stortford property.

Flies are attracted to mostly rubbish and waste organic matter such as rotting food scraps in rubbish bins, liquids that are fermented, such as rotting fruit or expired juice, as well as pet food and water, rotting animal carcasses, water, light and warmth and any decaying vegetation in your Bishops Stortford property's garden. To avoid the need for professional pest control for flies, you can use natural fly repellent, homemade fly traps to kill them off before they start reproducing as well as plants such as mint, basil, rosemary, marigold and catnip in your Bishops Stortford garden.

Pest Control For Bedbugs in Bishops Stortford

Small, oval shaped insects with a brownish body that turns red after feeding on the blood of humans and animals, bedbugs live in small cracks and crevices of mattresses, furniture, linen and loose wallpaper making it easy for them to feed on humans at night in Bishops Stortford homes, hotels and holiday rentals. Bedbug bites can be very irritating, itchy and in some cases cause skin infections and allergic reactions - add this to their breeding rate and their ability to survive for weeks without feeding, it becomes easy to see why infestations can happen so quickly and why you may need professional pest control for bedbugs in your Bishops Stortford property.

Professional pest control for bedbugs is usually required as they're especially difficult to get rid of and do it yourself methods often fail since every last egg must be found and exterminated to prevent hatching and the cycle starting all over again in your Bishops Stortford property. If you need pest control for bedbugs, get in touch with us as soon as possible to prevent any further discomfort to you, your family or customers and prevent the infestation getting worse or passing it onto other Bishops Stortford households.

Environmentally Conscious Pest Control in Bishops Stortford

Our pest control services utilise a range of environmentally green solutions using traditional methods of trapping for moles as well as ferreting for rabbits. With offices only a stone’s throw away from Bishops Stortford, our pest control services have years of experience in providing quality pest control treatment. Whatever your pest control problem, you can rely on A J Pest Control to offer a professional and environmentally conscious service to suit our customer needs in Bishops Stortford. 

Domestic Pest Control in Bishops Stortford

A J Pest Control offers leading domestic services for pest control in Bishops Stortford, supplying pest fumigation services, ensuring every part of your premises is covered. Based on their knowledge of pest behaviour, breeding patterns and infestation return rates, A J Pest Control employ impeccable pest control treatments and prevention plans, ensuring all of your domestic pest problems in Bishops Stortford are dealt with safely and efficiently.

Commercial Services for Pest Control in Bishops Stortford

We fully understand the importance of acting discreetly to ensure your pest problems are mitigated in commercial Bishops Stortford buildings, particularly with businesses which are subject to tight Health and Safety regulation, such as food production facilities and commercial kitchens, and businesses in public view such as office premises and the retail sector. Any commercial premises is prone to pest problems, but rest assured that whatever the nature of your business, A J Pest Control will ensure that your commercial pest control problems will be dealt with professional and discreetly.

Pest Control in in Bishops Stortford & Prevention for Your Business

Whether your Bishops Stortford business premises are restaurants, butchers, meat whole salers, farms, shops, schools, hospitals, airports, horse yards or stables, A J Pest Control can offer services such as bird control (including netting, deterrents, proofing, clean up or removal), bird control for solar panels as well as rodent prevention programs.

As well as working towards the BRC standard and accreditations ISO 9001-2015, ISO 9001-2004 and ISO 22716-2007, A J Pest Control also support the CRRU, working along side field biologists and entomologists to provide in depth assessments and solutions. Inspections, proofing and cleaning can also be provided to make sure we are giving you the best possible commercial service for pest control in Bishops Stortford.

Agricultural Pest Control in Bishops Stortford

A J Pest Control also provides Bishops Stortford with proofing against a wide range of agricultural pests, such as mice, rats, grain store pests, flies and birds. From one off treatments to annual contracts, we provide rodent monitoring in and around Bishops Stortford farm buildings, carrying out routine pest inspections and treatments to provide Bishops Stortford agricultural establishments with the assurance that pest problems are controlled quickly whilst working towards the BRC standard. 

Preventative Services for Pest Control in Bishops Stortford

A J Pest Control also offers Preventative Pest Control measures designed to adequately prevent pest infestations such as fleas, ants, bed bugs, mice, rats and bird control. We mitigate pest and disease risks to reduce the risk of contamination and damage to Bishops Stortford buildings.

With a Research team coupled with unmatched technical expertise, A J Pest Control provides services bestowed with extensive knowledge of high-end pest control competencies. We deliver unrivalled pest control services in Bishops Stortford, perfectly created to offer an efficient and low profile solution to pest control problems

Our Service Technicians work within Health and Safety regulations to carry out procedures for pest control in Bishops Stortford to the highest standard, continually aiming to enhance our Health and Safety track record. We are committed to ensure our pest control service provides Bishops Stortford with the leading service for your pest problems, from bed bugs to mousetraps, from extermination to fumigation, from bird control to ant killer and from insecticide to woodworm treatment.

Deep Cleaning Services for your Bishops Stortford Property

A J Pest Control are committed to continuing the fight against the coronavirus, providing deep cleaning services and decontamination to the highest level and efficiency. Delivering a fast and professional response, to your property in Bishops Stortford, our experienced technicians are fully compliant with coronavirus cleaning protocol.

We are experts in making your Bishops Stortford home, business or public environment safe for returning families, colleagues and the public and are committed to coronavirus prevention procedures whilst carrying out our deep cleaning services. Whether your environment is required to be decontaminated following suspected coronavirus cases or for peace of mind of visitors, our fully trained operatives arrive at your Bishops Stortford premises wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your benefit as well as their own, all to avoid cross contamination. Our service experts work to above and beyond HS Direct Health & Safety standards and regulations in order to provide the highest standard of deep cleaning. They assess your situation, employ prevention and treatment plans to fully assist with coronavirus prevention, containment and control.

Coronavirus Prevention for your Home, Public Space or Business in Bishops Stortford

Our deep cleaning services and coronavirus prevention techniques highlight areas, objects and especially key touch point areas in your property, such as light switches, door handles and kitchen surfaces. They are professionally and meticulously disinfected in order to avoid cross contamination and reduce the risk of the virus spreading further. 

Using our disinfectant and effective techniques during our deep cleaning services, our high level cleaning agent efficiently eradicates viruses, bacteria and spores on surfaces up to 99.9999%. Its non-corrosive properties allow us to use it without damaging sensitive surfaces. Our disinfectant has a non-residual organoleptic effect on food and low toxicity so its suited for use in Bishops Stortford homes, schools, gyms, restaurants, shops and all other workplaces where there is a risk of cross contamination. Our cleaner maintains efficacy in heavy organic soiling, blood and proteins and is effective in the soft and hard water areas of Bishops Stortford. Our cleaning agent has no reported resistance and once applied, our disinfectant also creates a reactive barrier to provide protection between cleans, and helps in coronavirus prevention through cross contamination.