Mole Pest Control

Although often portrayed as cute and cuddly animals, the common mole can severely damage property by burrowing under the surface of lawns, paths etc. Moles can be found in most parts of North America, Asia, and Europe, although there are no moles in Ireland.

Moles Facts & Figures

  • Breed through February to June
  • Only one litter per year 
  • 2 - 7 young per litter
  • Gestation period - 4 weeks
  • Weened in 5 - 6 weeks
  • Eats earthworms, insect larvae
  • Moles do not hibernate! 

Moles are rarely seen above ground due to their poor eyesight, they live alone in an extensive network of tunnels covering anything up to 4 acres, in soils suited for tunnelling. They use their large two front paws to scrape away the earth, they feel along tunnels with their snouts and whiskers feeding on earthworms, insect larvae and grubs. Several young can be born between February and June, within five to six weeks they move out, over-ground, to establish their own territories.

Mole Pest Control In Your Garden

Although they can aerate the soil, which can be good for growing plants and grass, they can cause damage to your garden and mowing machines because of the stones brought to the surface. As well as the nuisance of mole hills, the ground can become unstable with larger numbers, holes may appear and potentially damage the foundations of your property. 

Mole Pest Control For Sports Fields, Race Courses & Golf Courses

As well as effecting play on golf course fairways, sports fields and race courses, the effects of mole tunnelling can allow weeds to become rooted more easily and their mole hills can create very real safety risks in the form of tripping hazards for sports players, horses and riders.

Mole Pest Control For Agricultural & Farm Land

Agricultural land can also be greatly effected by moles and their tunnelling. Moles tunnelling under the roots of crops can cause the plants to either have stunted growth or to die due to soil drying out. In areas used for pasture land and silage, the area of the molehill prevents grass from growing and allows weeds to grow, reducing the amount of yield.

Professional Mole Pest Control

If you have evidence of a mole in your garden, farm land or sports field, it could be just one, but in places where there is plenty of food sources, several moles could live in a quite a small area and you may be in need of professional mole pest control. Contact AJ Pest Control if you're experiencing the effects of a mole infestation. Evidence of this could include:

  • Fresh mounds of soil - mole hills
  • Raised ridges around holes in the earth
  • Uneven ground
  • Disturbed plants, crops, roots and grassy areas

AJ Pest Control's staff are fully trained and qualified for dealing with your mole pest control issue and will offer you the best solution suited to you and your farm land, garden or sports area.