Pest Control For Ants

There are four main types of ants found in the UK that most commonly invade homes and properties in search of food. These species are the Black Garden ant, Pharaoh ant, Roger's ant and Ghost ant. 

Types of Ants

  • Black Garden Ant – the most common species in Europe. The garden ant workers are 3 to 5mm long with glossy black bodies.
  • Pharaoh Ant - famous for being a major indoor nuisance, especially in hospitals. These ants are winged, small (2mm), yellow or light brown in colour, seeming almost transparent.
  • Roger's Ant – similar to Pharaoh ants in appearance, workers are 2mm in length, light reddish brown in colour and wingless.
  • Ghost Ant – these ants grow only 1.6mm long at best with semi-translucent bodies.

Where Do Ants Live?

Ants build complicated nests where they store food and ant larvae develop. These nests are usually outdoors but can be inside properties as well.  Nests may be found in the ground, cracks in walls and pavement, under floors, under foundations, under stones or logs, in hollow stems and acorns. Ants don't go after sealed goods, they eat spilt, left out food or carcasses of other insects. Ants are attracted to open food sources and typically look for sugar, starches, meats, fats and pet food. Many ants also feed on honeydew, a sweet substance produced by aphids and scale insects.

How Can Ants Damage Your Property?

Ants have no trouble finding a nesting spot in UK homes, they prefer humid, dark places to build their nests. Black garden ants are not known for causing property damage, but they can make cracks wider, which does hold risks on its own. The Pharoah ants are not known for causing any damage to properties, but they can transmit diseases. The bacteria that they carry, can cause diseases and infections. Ants can damage electric wires or cables of appliances, which on occasion can result in powercuts, phone and computer networks damage or cause fire.

Pest Control for Ants

If you've experienced multiple and separate occurrences of ant infestation, it’s time to call a professional. If ants continue to return, even after multiple home treatments, get in touch with AJ Pest Control. As licensed professionals, we can investigate the issue and recommend the best form of treatment. We will also provide advice for preventing ant infestations in the future.