Bird Control

Although having birds in the garden is often enjoyable, there are some birds that can ultimately become pests primarily due to their droppings and the damage they can cause to property.

Bird Control Facts & Figures

Nests can block drains, chimneys and flues which could potentially be lethal

They can also be the source of many unpleasant insect pests, for example:

  • Blood Feeding Insects:  Fleas, Mites, Ticks & Lice
  • Fabric Damaging Pests:  Carpet Beetles
  • Stored Product Pests:  Larder, Fur & Fridge Beetles
  • Carrion feeding pests: Blow Flies, Beetles
  • Bird droppings not only look unsightly, they can:
  • They can lead to slippery sufaces, a problem in public areas
  • Damage buildings through direct chemical action
  • Dry droppings (Guano) can cause lung disease & asthma