Insect Week 2024

What is Insect Week?

Insect Week is held 24-30th June, 2024. Every year, Insect Week is organised with the goal of educating the general public about the value of entomology and insects. The Royal Entomological Society organise the week, which has the backing of numerous partner organisations that are involved in natural history, conservation, and insect science. The public can learn about insects and get to know the entomologists who study them through the hundreds of events and activities taking place throughout the UK during this week. During the week, a popular Insect Week Photography Competition is held, drawing a sizable number of amateur photographers to enter. Insect Week primarily seeks to inspire youth entomology while also raising public awareness of the value of insect science.

Why We Need Insects

Insects have over a million species identified and named globally. More than 24,000 different species of insects are known to exist in the United Kingdom, making them one of the most diverse and ecologically significant groups of animals. Keeping the soil healthy, recycling nutrients, pollinating flowers and crops, and controlling pests are all things that insects do. The loss of habitat, on the other hand, could result in the extinction of as many as forty percent of the world's insect species by the time the century is over.

Since insects are present in almost every habitat and act as pests, predators, pollinators, parasites, and prey, it is essential to study insects in order to comprehend and preserve the natural world. But what is the best thing to do when these habitats happen to be your home?

Protect Insects & Your Property 

When you discover different insects in your home or on your property, it may be difficult to determine whether or not they pose a risk to your health because there are so many species of insects. Calling a professional for any insect infestation would be the best solution. AJ Pest Control's experienced technicians will carry out a thorough inspection of your home or property. After assessing the species and extent of an insect infestation methods of prevention will be recommended and treatment if necessary.

Prevention is the best form of treatment for your home and increasing insect habitats outside could be the best solution you can offer insects. They enter your home because they haven't found what they need outside.

Prevention Inside Your Home

  • Don't leave any food or rubbish out
  • Keep the lids on your bins closed
  • Keep your food in containers that are sealed
  • Be sure to keep your home clean and organised, particularly the kitchen

Increase Insect Habitats

  • Convert your lawn and garden into a diverse natural habitat for insects
  • Grow native plants
  • Reduce pesticide and herbicide use
  • Limit use of exterior lighting