Removal of Hornet and Wasp Nests

What Distinguishes Wasps From Hornets?

As hornets build their nests similarly to wasps, they can be removed using a similar technique. Unprovoked, hornets are known to be less aggressive than wasps, but because of the chemicals in their venom, stings can be more painful. You're more likely to notice the size difference between a hornet and a wasp in the UK. The European Hornet can reach a length of 40mm, while the two most prevalent wasp species are the Common and German wasp, which have an average size of 12–17mm.

What Effects Can Wasps Have on Your Home or Business?

Wasp nesting sites include abandoned mouse holes, hollow trees, garages, and sheds. Because wasps can nest in unreachable wall cavities or loft eaves, it can be challenging to find wasp nests on your property. There may be a wasp nest nearby if there are swarming insects, buzzing sounds, and signs of grey or brown papery material from their nest.

Your family may feel uneasy if wasps swarm too close to you and your house. Wasps in the vicinity of your establishment may put off customers and pose a risk to public safety. Wasp nest removal could be the solution because it's your responsibility to keep your employees and clients safe. Wasp nest removal should only be done by a qualified expert because disturbed nests can be violent.

Reasons to Hire a Professional to for Wasp nest Removal

Wasps are useful because they feed their young caterpillars and other insects that may be pests in gardens, despite the fact that they can be annoying. Removal of wasp nests and treatment of wasps should only be done if there is a risk to public health and safety.

When threatened, wasps launch seemingly random attacks, which prompt other members of the colony nearby to respond by sending out a pheromone and banding together to defend the nest and themselves. Their excruciating stings also pose a serious risk to people who have allergies, as they can induce anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction that can be fatal, as well as breathing problems, dizziness, and swelling in the face.

How AJ Pest Control Can Assist In The Removal Of Wasp Nests

Because of the high risk of wasp stings, a mature wasp nest - especially one discovered in late summer - will need to be treated by a professional. At this point, thousands of individual wasps may be present in a nest. Schedule a professional visit to lessen the chance of stings for both you and other people. We provide a comprehensive wasp control solution at AJ Pest Control, and all of our technicians are outfitted with safety gear to keep them secure throughout treatment.

Wasp nest removal is not always necessary to get rid of them, but treatment is still necessary. We handle every kind of wasp species, and each treatment plan is tailored to achieve efficient control over the wasp colony. We would be pleased to offer advice and go over your needs if you message us or give us a call at 01799 542 505.