Bird Control Techniques

Any strategy, product, or method used to discourage problem birds from landing, roosting, or building nests in specific locations - such as the rooftops of houses, businesses, or agricultural properties - is referred to as 'bird control'.  

In the UK, certain bird species can cause significant damage, fouling, and the potential for disease transmission. However, AJ Pest Control can assist by doing bird proofing on residential and commercial properties.

Indications Of A Bird Issue

A number of birds perching on ledges and roofs, as well as loud bird noises and young chicks' screams, are indications that you may have a bird problem. Other indicators may include debris from nests and bird droppings seen outside your home, as well as clogged gutters and drainage systems with feathers or nest materials. Pecking birds may potentially cause harm to your company's inventory.

In addition to increasing the chance of physical property damage, bird droppings also raise the risk of disease, parasites, and insects spreading. After inspecting the premises, our technicians at AJ Pest Control will create a strategy for sanitising, cleaning, and proofing the space to make it safe and clean.

Bird Control Methods

By using bird proofing, you can prevent problems from happening again later on. Preventive measures offered by AJ Pest Control include:

  • Wire systems to stop birds from perching and nesting on roof edges that serve as pathways
  • Bird spikes to discourage birds from perching and damage gutters
  • Netting to stop them from perching or nesting on window sills
  • Devices such as flashing lights, sound machines and bird scarers to deter birds from the area

It may sound simple, but certain bird species must managed using specific techniques for specific purposes under defined exemptions.

Consult An Expert For Bird Control

Every wild bird in the UK, including its nests and eggs, is protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981. Before doing any kind of bird control action, you should always talk to an expert like AJ Pest Control. This is due to the fact that the law restricts the species that capable individuals, like licenced pest control businesses, are permitted to handle.

Employing a professional will undoubtedly save you time and the possibility of breaking any laws by attempting bird control yourself, as the list of birds that are classified pests may change frequently. Get in touch today with AJ Pest Control and we'll be happy to help.