Why Ongoing Prevention is Important to Cambridge Farms

Farms, stores and agricultural buildings are particularly prone to pest problems. Pests such as rats, mice and insects pose a considerable threat to crops, property and equipment.

Being in a rural area, these pests become a recurring problem for Cambridge farms since they cannot be dealt with at source.

They will return time and time again causing damage to machinery, infesting grain stores and spreading disease to livestock, ultimately having a disastrous effect on production and profit.

Agricultural Pest Problems

AJ Pest Control recently worked with a farm in Cambridge who required help with removing and managing pest rodents from their farm stores and buildings.

Rodents were gnawing their way through farm equipment and urinating across the property causing damage and risking the spread of disease to workers, livestock and crops.

By working closely with the Cambridgeshire farm, AJ Pest Control removed harbourage, discussed proofing issues and general hygiene advice for prevention going forward.

Help With Pest Prevention

Placing rodent stations internally and externally in and around buildings, this prevented them being re-infested by a constant source of rodents from the surrounding Cambridgeshire countryside.

We set up a regular pest prevention program with them to help them achieve a TASCC accreditation and maintain their efforts to meet food safety laws.

Going forward, experts from AJ Pest Control will be monitoring the Cambridge site on a regular basis, working to CRRU guidelines to provide a safe and efficient service.

Protect Your Farm From Pests

Farms in Cambridgeshire need to protect their machinery, crops, livestock and property against pests that can't be controlled from their rural source.

AJ Pest Control can help your farm with ongoing pest prevention and advice.

Our experience, technical expertise and efficient service means your farm can maintain its food standards and safety guidelines. Contact us today and we'll be happy to help and discuss your farm's requirements.