Deep Cleaning Service for Barbershop in Saffron Walden

Recently, AJ Pest Control were happy to assist a barber shop, based in Saffron Walden, Essex with a deep cleaning service of the salon and staff areas of their shop. Dealing with close customer contact and at a high risk of coronavirus cross contamination, the barber shop wanted a deep clean to reaasure clients and staff that their premises were fit for business. 

AJ Pest Control's Solution

Our fully trained technicians arrived in correct Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and working to above and beyond HS Direct Health & Safety standards and regulations, assessed the salon's environment and needs in order to provide the treatment necessary for coronavirus containment and control. They set to work using high level disinfectant to throughly clean and eradicate not only viruses, but also bacteria, spores and fungi on all surfaces up to 99.9999%. It's non-corrosive and non-toxic properties meant that all surfaces were taken care of and safe to use soon after.

AJ Pest Control's effective techniques were able to treat the small and large areas of the staff rooms and salon, hard to reach ceilings and walls, all in a short space of time. Our deep cleaning methods also caused minimum disruption and downtime. The barber shop staff were required to remove just personal belongings, and the treatment took aound 2 hours to complete. Both staff and customers were able to re-enter and continue business as usual just 4 hours after treatment.

Coronavirus Prevention From AJ Pest Control

Not only did our deep cleaning service remove any viruses, bacteria and spores that were present at the time, our effective cleaner will go on to protect staff and customers from cross conatimination. The barber shop now has the benefit of a reactive barrier which reactivates in the presence of moisture to ensure that germs subsequently introduced to will also be killed. Due to our methods and techniques, their surfaces will continue to eradicate germs between their normal cleaning protocol.

Deep Cleaning Services for Your Business

AJ Pest Control can also help your business provide the reassurance and peace of mind to your staff and customers by utilising our Coronavirus Specialist Deep Cleaning ServicesGet in touch via email or telephone on 01799 542505, so we can discuss your needs. Our efficient techniques mean your business will experience minimum disruption and downtime, allowing you to get back to running your business as fast as possible, whilst safely and effectively preventing the spread of coronavirus through cross contamination.