Avoid Bringing Bedbugs Home from Summer Holiday

After a relaxing holiday, you don't want bedbugs in your suitcase. Bedbugs are usually found in homes but can be brought in from hotels or vacation rentals and require professional bedbug control. 

Bedbugs: Where Are They Found?

An oval, brownish bedbug turns red after feeding on human and animal blood. In homes, hotels, and holiday rentals, bedbugs hide in cracks and crevices of bedside furniture, mattresses, bed frames, bed linen, headboards, and loose wallpaper to feed on humans at night.

Although they do not spread disease, their bites can be extremely painful, itchy, and occasionally result in allergic reactions and skin infections. Bedbugs use anaesthetics and anticoagulants to hide their bites from you, so you might not become aware of the initial bite for several days. This, along with their propensity to reproduce quickly and their capacity to go for weeks without food, make it simple to understand why infestations can occur so quickly and why bedbugs on your property may require professional pest control.

Don't Bring Bedbugs Back

Read reviews online before booking a trip, and make sure the hotels and holiday rentals you're considering haven't had any recent bedbug infestations. To make it more difficult for bedbugs to hide in your luggage, pack your belongings in hard-cased suitcases or zippered plastic bags. Check all bedding, mattresses (top and underneath), and headboards as soon as you arrive at the hotel or vacation rental for reddish-brown bedbugs, their moulting exoskeletons, and dark brownish patches.

Tell the accommodation management immediately if you see bedbugs; they'll help prevent an infestation. Bedbugs can hide in walls and travel across floors if you move at least two floors away. To be sure, put suitcases on luggage racks or hard surfaces. After returning home, wash and tumble dry clothes to kill bedbugs (they cannot survive over 50 degrees celcius) and store luggage in an attic, garage, or basement.

Bedbug Pest Control

Because every last egg must be located and destroyed to stop the cycle from restarting and the bedbugs from hatching, bedbug infestations are particularly challenging to eradicate, and do-it-yourself approaches frequently fail. Get in contact with us right away if you have a bedbug infestation in your house, place of business, or place of employment to avoid causing yourself, your family, or your clients any more discomfort and to stop the infestation from growing or spreading to other homes. In order to determine the extent of the issue and suggest the best course of action for treating bedbug pest control, we'll conduct a thorough inspection of your property. We'll also offer suggestions and guidance on how to avoid bedbugs in the future and if any further pest control is necessary.