Is Woodworm Serious?

What Is Woodworm?

Woodworm are wood boring beetles that tunnel into timbers, floorboards, furniture, joists, wooden tools and woodwork, laying their eggs in cracks and crevices. Woodworm eggs are not usually visible to the naked eye, the hatched larvae then burrow their way through the wood for anything between 2 to 5 years, emerging as an adult beetle through a small hole in the wood, ready to mate and start the process again.   

Signs of woodworm usually consist of holes in the wood, with live infestations showing powder around the holes, this is an indication of woodworm treatment being required. The size of the holes varies, but are typically 1 mm - 2 mm in diameter for the most common household species. Typically the adult beetles lay eggs on, or just under the surface of the wood. The grubs then feed on the wood causing both structural and cosmetic damage which requires woodworm treatment.

How Serious Is Woodworm?

Because the main damage is caused inside the timber, it's unlikely to see any visible results for years which can be difficult to know if you have an active woodworm infestation. There are however, some signs to help you identify a potential problem:

  • Small, round holes in timber, usually 1 mm - 2 mm in diameter
  • A fine, chalky dust near the holes
  • Tunnelling within woodwork
  • Crumbly edges to joists, boards and weak or damaged flooring or timber

Adult beetles lay their eggs in cracks in the wood, floor boards and timber. When the larvae hatch they burrow into the timber and can remain within the wood for years, once they reach adulthood they emerge and the lifecycle starts again, repeating the process causing further damage. If left woodworm treatment is not carried out, it can lead to irreversible damage, even structural failure with timbers having to be replaced. Over time, weakened structural components such as timber joists, roofing and load-bearing wood could give way resulting in a large repair expense or worse; serious injury.

Woodworm Treatment from AJ Pest Control

Our experienced surveyors will carry out a thorough inspection of your home or property. After assessing the extent of any active woodworm, an appropriate woodworm treatment is recommended. Woodworm treatment requires that no people or pets to be in the rooms during treatment and for a few hours after. 

Our water based woodworm treatment is highly effective and odourless solution when dry. Only one woodworm treatment is required, timbers are treated and will remain in the layers of the timber and woodworm flight holes to prevent any future infestations. Our woodworm treatment is backed by a thirty year guarantee. Once treated, any eggs and emerging beetles will die, breaking the woodworm life cycle.

Contact AJ Pest Control for Woodworm Treatment

If you're finding evidence of a woodworm infestation, get in touch with us as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to your property. We'll carry out a detailed inspection of your property to assess the degree of the problem and recommend the best course of action for woodworm treatment.

We'll also provide advice and recommendations for preventing woodworm and the need for professional woodworm treatment going forward.