Bird Control & Proofing Your Property

During the winter months, AJ Pest Control carry out a lot of bird proofing to homes and business premises. Some bird species in the UK can become a serious nuisance causing a lot of damage, fouling and risk spread of disease. A recent client near Braintree experienced just this and contacted AJ Pest Control to see how they could help.

A Solution from AJ Pest Control 

AJ Pest Control technicians inspected the property and provided a plan to clean, sanitise and proof the area leaving it clean and safe. The bird droppings were increasing the risk of the spread of disease, parasites and insects as well as physical damage to the premises. By mitigating the pest and disease risks, we reduced the possibility of contamination and damage to the building in the future. 

Why Need a Professional? 

In our Braintree client's case, proofing provided a way to deter the birds. However, when dealing with pest birds, bird control legislation and UK law should always be followed. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 states that all wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected but AJ Pest Control can help you deal with any birds that may be a nuisance to you and your property. There are exceptions whereby some birds are regarded as pests and in some situations can be culled. These exceptions are controlled by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and should only be carried out by authorised persons using approved methods such as those used by AJ Pest Control.

AJ Pest Control can help to inspect these situations and carry out such measures if necessary. If we can demonstrate that appropriate non-lethal methods of control such as scaring or proofing are either ineffective or impractical, we may be able to assist and carry out other measures as needed.  

Bird Control for Your Property 

If you're having issues with birds fouling and risking damage to your premises, AJ Pest Control will be able to see if proofing could be provided as a way to deter the pest birds. We will assess the risk of disease and property damage while appropriately following UK law and regulations.

Whether you'd like some advice regarding protected birds or correctly bird proofing your property, send us a message or give us a call on 01799 542 505. We'll be happy to help and discuss your requirements.