5 Steps to Achieve TASCC Pest Control

What is TASCC?

TASCC (Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops) was developed because farmers and consumers wanted to be assured that crops of oilseeds, grain and pulses were treated responsibly once they left the farm. That includes wheat processed by flour millers and malting barley for the brewers and distillers in the drinks industry. TASCC allows businesses to demonstrate that they're meeting food safety laws as they are audited and accredited by an independant certification body.

The TASCC scheme is made up of four codes of practice aimed at auditing and certifying food safety standards through the whole supply chain including storage, haulage, merchants and testing facilities.

Why use TASCC?

A complex web of supply chains in the agricultural industry need to combine in order to provide safe food and feed. Businesses such as feed compounders, feed ingredient suppliers, fertiliser manufacturers, agricultural merchants, seed processors, biofuel producers as well as hauliers, storekeepers, ports, shipping operators, and testing facilities make up this chain and all have a part to play when it comes to minimising the risk of food or feed incidents. 

Different accreditation schemes are available to your business to ensure that your vital part of the chain is able to minimise the risk of a food or feed incidents. Using a scheme such as TASCC has a range of benefits including:

  • Managed and minimised risk to your business
  • Compliance with regulation
  • Saved time, as earned recognition means less visits by local enforcement authorities

A big part of gaining accreditation for any assurance scheme is taking measures to control pests, vermin and other animals in and around feed and food stores.

Pest and Vermin Control for TASCC

AJ Pest Control will help your business with an effective pest control programme in order to meet the requirements of TASCC accreditation. With our technical expertise, AJ Pest Control will assess and implement efficient methods so that you can provide evidence to TASCC for the following:

  1. Suitable site plan including effective bait station locations
  2. Contamination control measures from baits, pests and domestic animals
  3. Prevention plan for harbourage and bird roosting sites
  4. Waste management and proofing measures
  5. NPTA registered company as your named Storekeeper

Achieve TASCC Accreditation

AJ Pest Control will work with you and your employees, set up a regular pest prevention program in order to maintain your efforts, comply with food safety laws and minimise risk to your business. 

Working to the CRRU UK code of best practice, AJ Pest Control provide a safe and efficient service. Our technicians will provide ongoing monitoring on a regular basis so that your business stays compliant with regulation and according to TASCC code of practice.

Whether your company deals with storage, haulage, merchant or testing facilities for combinable crops, send us a message or give us a call on 01799 542 505 and we'll be happy to help and discuss your requirements.