Why are there so many ants!?

The warm, summer months brings ants out more into the open searching for food. If you’re not careful, they could be finding it in your home, business or property and you may be in need of professional pest control for ants.

Where Can You Find Ants?

After spending the long winter months buried deep underground, ants will start to emerge and build new nests. In spring and summer, the queen and the nest a move outside and will very likely start searching for food. Ants build complicated nests where they store food and ant larvae develop.

These nests are usually outdoors but can also be inside properties where they may be attracted to food, water and heat. Nests may be found in the ground, cracks in walls and pavement, under stones or logs, in hollow stems as well as under floors and under foundations of properties.

Ants In Your Property

Ants don't go after sealed goods, they eat spilt, left out food or carcasses of other insects. Ants are attracted to open food sources and typically look for sugar, starches, meats, fats and pet food. Many ants also feed on honeydew, a sweet substance produced by aphids and scale insects. Make sure that you keep your food storage and cooking areas clean and tidy. In particular, ants are attracted to sweet food such as sugar and honey.

Ants prefer dark, humid places in properties to build their nests and can enter homes in holes, gaps, or cracks near windows. Some ant species can damage your property by making cracks wider or cause damage to electric wires, cable of applicances, which on can result in power cuts, phone and computer networks damage or cause fire. Other ant species carry bacteria that can transmit and cause diseases and infections so it is integral to address any infestations and prepare pest control for ants as soon as possible.

Time To Call A Professional

If you're experiencing multiple and separate occurrences of ant infestation, it’s time to call a professional that can carry out pest control for ants effectively. If ants continue to return, even after multiple home treatments, get in touch with AJ Pest Control.

As licensed professionals, we can investigate the issue and recommend the best form of treatment going forward. We'll also provide advice and recommendations for preventing ant infestations and the need for professional pest control for ants in the future.