Mice Pest Control for Commercial Printing Company in Cambridge

A J Pest Control helped a commercial printing company in Cambridge who were suffering with a mouse infestation on their factory floor. The mice were chewing cables, paper and contaminating kitchen facilities. The mice also risked damage to the factory building by gnawing through structures, nest building and defection. Chewing on the insulation around electrical wire also brought a real risk of fire to the Cambridge industrial units. 

Health Risks to Staff of the Cambridge Company  

The mice posed a risk of to the health of the Cambridge commercial printing company's staff. Rodent droppings can not only transmit foodborne illness such as salmonella, but they also bring the risk of triggering allergies to workers of the Cambridge company. Mice are capable of dropping up to 25,000 fecal pellets per year and an estimated 70 times each day. Therefore, prevention and prompt removal incase of an infestation is always key.

Solution & Prevention Methods from AJ Pest Control Commercial Services

Using their technical methods and expertise, AJ Pest Control advised their Cambridge clients on good house keeping and proofing to prevent the mice form gaining access to food in the kitchen areas. Tidiness and cleanliness was also advised on the factory floor and a rodent prevention program was put in place to protect not only the building but also the Cambridge company's products.

Is Your Cambridge Business in Need of Rodent Control?

AJ Pest Control services can also help your Cambridge company with any mouse or rodent infestation. Certified by the National Pest Technician Association, we cover Cambridge, Bury St EdmundsBraintree, Hitchin, Bishop's StortfordNewport and the surrounding areas. Contact us today and we will assess your rodent control issues, manage clean up and design a rodent prevention program so you can avoid a health risk to your staff and prevent damage to your company’s property and products.