Bird Control for Property Management Company in Saffron Walden

AJ Pest Control offered their pest control services to a property management company based in Saffron Walden having issues with pigeons fouling their workplace. The bird droppings were increasing the risk of the spread of disease, insects and parasites as well as physical damage to the company’s building. Their problem with the birds required a professional and commercial pest control company.

AJ Pest Control's Solution

Technicians from AJ Pest Control started by removing all droppings from the area, washing down and sanitising the windows, roof, gutters and walkways. Using their technical expertise, the next part of their job was to take preventative measures to deter pigeons from being able to land, nest or foul on the company’s Saffron Walden building again.

Pest Prevention From AJ Pest Control

AJ Pest Control services designed the preventative measures using three different systems:

  1. Nets - A netting system was hung on the building’s windows which allowed no obstruction in view but prevented pigeons from perching or nesting on the window sills.
  2. Bird Spikes - Spikes were fixed around the building to deter the birds from perching and damaging the gutters.
  3. Wire System - A post and rail wire system was installed to ensure that pigeons weren’t able to perch and nest along the roof edges and walkways.

By mitigating the pest and disease risks, we reduced the possibility of contamination and damage to the building in the future. Throughout the job on this Saffron Walden company’s building, AJ Pest Control’s service technicians worked within Health and Safety regulations to carry out pest control procedures to the highest standard.

Bird Control for Your Business

Certified by the National Pest Technician Association, AJ Pest Control services can also help your company with its bird and pigeon deterrent needs in East Anglia, including areas such as Saffron Walden, Cambridge, Braintree, Letchworth and Bury St Edmunds. Contact us today so we can assess your bird control problems, manage clean up, design a pigeon deterrent solution and prevent birds from fouling, nesting, increasing the risk of disease and damaging your company’s property.