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News, updates and previous companies that AJ Pest Control have helped to remove, prevent and control birds, rodents and other pests.

Coronavirus Prevention and Deep Cleaning Services
11 June 2020
As the coronavirus lockdown eases, AJ Pest Control recognise the increased need for specialist deep cleaning services in the fight against cross contamination. As governement restrictions are lifted, it is vital that in area such as shops, restaurants, pubs and offices, the correct precautions are taken, that's where AJ Pest Control is here to help. We now offer ...
Corona Virus Update
26 March 2020
In the light of the current COVID-19 situation, AJ Pest Control would like to update customers on our operations. In line with governement advice, we remain open and operational to provide our customers with any requirements for pest control. In this period of uncertainty, we would like to reassure our customers that we are adhering to the government advice as we receive it. The...
Mouse Pest Control Cambridge
08 February 2020
A J Pest Control helped a commercial printing company in Cambridge who were suffering with a mouse infestation on their factory floor. The mice were chewing cables, paper and contaminating kitchen facilities. The mice also risked damage to the factory building by gnawing through structures, nest building and defection. Chewing on the insulation around electrical wire also brought a real risk...
Catering Pest Control
01 November 2019
A retail food outlet based in Saffron Walden, Essex required AJ Pest Control services to remove rodents and insects that had begun to invade their catering business premises. The rodents risked physical damage to the company’s building, and the insects were also a risk to workers’ and customers’ health, through their spread of disease. The rodent and insect invasion required AJ Pest Control,...
Rat Prevention Essex
23 September 2019
AJ Pest Control offered their commercial pest control services to a manufacturing company based in Essex, who were having trouble with rats in their factory loft chewing wires and gnawing holes in the roof structure. The rats risked physical damage to the company’s building and were also a risk to workers’ health, through their spread of disease. The rat invasion required commercial pest control...
Pigeon Deterrent From AJ Pest Control Services
02 September 2019
AJ Pest Control offered their pest control services to a property management company based in Saffron Walden having issues with pigeons fouling their workplace. The bird droppings were increasing the risk of the spread of disease, insects and parasites as well as physical damage to the company’s building. Their problem with the birds required a professional and commercial pest control...